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Mohanjeet Singh (MJ) - Proprietor (NMR)


Mohanjeet Singh (MJ) – Proprietor (NMR)

Mr. Mohanjeet Singh (MJ) is the founder of New Mumbai Realty (NMR) and holds an array of qualifications in the real estate sector. He is a fully Licensed Real Estate Consultant and Real Estate Advisor to Leading MNCs, Institutions, Developers, Accountancy Practices and Law Firms. Apart from being a Proprietor at New Mumbai Realty (NMR), Mr. Mohanjeet Singh (MJ) is also the President at the New Mumbai Association of Realtors (NMAR) Governing body Member at the National Association of Realtors (NAR). He is one of the few Real Estate Consultants to have an International License. Mr. Mohanjeet Singh (MJ) brings an analytical mind, a deep understanding of the marketplace and a high degree of expertise in every property acquisition. His expertise in the niche property markets and comprehensive understanding of the local area makes NMR the consultant of choice for all your real estate needs.

Our Team

Each of MJ’s employees bring a high level of expertise in their dedicated field, this allows his team to provide exceptional knowledge and service to each and every client, ensuring the best possible outcome can be achieved. Our team’s greatest expertise lies in determining a property’s place in the marketplace and developing an expert strategy to making a satisfactory acquisition. We are an experienced team with 10 years of industry knowledge and experience of the area with involvement in many successful major developments. Our real estate consultants are licensed professionals that specialize in searching, evaluation and negotiating the purchase or leasing of property on behalf of a buyer. We offer Insights, tips, and tricks on selling/leasing property and preparing your investment property for sale working to maximize your sale price.

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